What does your tongue tell you about your health?

January 25, 2022

One of those things we all take for granted is our tongue! We used to explore the world with our tongues as children, licking everything in sight (much to our mother’s chagrin) and sticking it out at our siblings and parents to see how they reacted. We discovered more about our tongues while experiencing our first kisses and exotic foods as young adults.

However, the tongue is more than just a random body part; it plays an essential role in our ability to taste and swallow food. And, believe it or not, your tongue can give your dentist information about both your oral health and your overall health. You might be surprised at what your language can tell you about your health. Prepare to exclaim, “Ahhhhhhh!”

What Can Your Tongue Tell You About Your Health?

Tongue Coating in White

Your tongue should be a lovely shade of pink. If parts of your tongue appear to be coated with a white substance, you may have oral thrush, which is a yeast overgrowth that occurs inside the oral cavity. Of course, it could simply be whitish due to not brushing your tongue after brushing your teeth. You don’t do that, do you? If the white comes off with a brush, you’re good to go.

Tongue Patches in White

Leukoplakia is a condition that occurs when the tongue is irritated, as with smoking or tobacco use. Every medical professional will advise you to quit smoking, but the decision is ultimately yours. However, if you notice white patches, schedule an appointment with your dentist to be on the safe side and rule out oral cancer.

The tongue is excessively red.

While an excessively red tongue can be a symptom of Kawasaki disease, it is more commonly associated with a vitamin deficiency, such as folic acid or B-12 deficiency. Simply adding a vitamin supplement to your morning smoothie could be the solution. That’s not too bad.

Patches of Irregular Red Bumpiness

If your tongue resembles a rough map of irregular red and bumpy patches, this isn’t a foretelling sign that you’ll be leaving soon. You could have a high fever, in which case taking a long trip overseas is the last thing you should do!

Tongue Tenderness and Soreness

You may have a food allergy or a developing canker sore if your tongue is overly sensitive in one area or all over. Don’t be concerned unless it persists for an extended period of time. After that, it’s time to seek professional advice from a dentist!

Tongue Hairy

Yes, protein buildup can cause small bumps to become elongated and trap food, resulting in what appear to be strands of hair on your tongue. A good brushing or tongue scraping should usually take care of it, but a trip to the dentist is in order if it doesn’t.

Your best dental care clinic is your first line of defense against both serious and non-serious health issues. So, stick out your tongue at the dentist’s and get ready for a thorough oral examination. You never know what your language is saying about your health!

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